Streamline: The Transformational Strategist

Ross Croasdell, Managing Director
Gizmos have taken over the corporate universe. With enterprises heavily adopting smart devices and gadgets to empower their operational dynamics, enterprise mobility emerges as a key component to drive this transformation to its prime. As the demand for enterprise mobile solutions has increased, the complexity and immaturity of enterprise mobility has become very apparent to many organizations venturing into the space. Streamline is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate through the labyrinth of enterprise mobility with their niche offering of end-to-end mobile solutions focused on the user experience, and their relentless commitment to quality.

Following his passion for enterprise mobility and a strong zeal to facilitate technology transformational programs within organizations, Ross Croasdell founded Streamline in 2010 after a decade in Accenture’s retail architecture practice. Streamline helps their clients in developing and implementing enterprise mobility transformational strategies and solutions, and in particular is emerging as a leader in the mobile device management space. The firm offers unified endpoint mobility management to manage the plethora of diverse mobile and IoT devices installed in a client’s environment; significantly reducing the redundancy of multiple device management solutions. Apart from enterprise mobility solutions, the company also specializes in performance engineering, IT transformation and infrastructure technology services. Ross Croasdell, managing director of Streamline says, “Our core expertise lies in enterprise mobility and we strive to deliver a unique and best-in-class offering that simplifies end-to-end mobility solutions for customers. Our goal is to offer true mobility as a service including all aspects of the complex enterprise ecosystem. Many enterprise mobility strategies account only for app development and mobile device management, and miss other critical components that are unique to the enterprise mobility ecosystem.”

Croasdell shares his observation of the modern corporate mobility ecosystem, where an organization’s workforce expectations of enterprise mobility are set high based on their less controlled consumer mobility experiences.

Our core expertise lies in enterprise mobility and we strive to deliver a unique and best-in-class offering that simplifies end-to-end mobility solutions for customers

According to Croasdell, there are more nuances to enterprise mobility that are often overlooked and become the pain points and roadblocks for a successful enterprise mobility transformation. These challenges range from the technical complexities of robust and secure mobile endpoint management to rethinking the technology axioms of a wired environment for mobile. Beyond that, Croasdell believes the most often understated and overlooked consideration for enterprise mobility is how it forces cultural change in organizations to move at the rapid pace of mobile. As opposed to other mobile solution vendors who provide services on an ad-hoc basis, Streamline’s approach takes into consideration the multi-diverse mobility factors of the enterprise environment. The company focuses on enabling its clients to transform their business through an end-to-end view of a mobile solution; aligning their technology, organization and culture as equally important success factors.

Elaborating on Streamline’s mobility device management capability, Croasdell also shares about their movement into the device automation space. Recognizing the challenges of existing mobile device management solutions, the company is at the forefront of mobile device automation that is revolutionizing how enterprises manage mobility at scale across thousands of distributed sites in often diverse technology ecosystems.

With high-calibre technology providers in the market diminishing from a quality perspective, Streamline today distinguishes itself as an entity with an established reputation for quality and ensuring best-in-class solutions for enterprise mobility.


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Ross Croasdell, Managing Director

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