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Brad Nietfeldt, Managing Partner
In the current era of digitalization, business owners and marketing heads across all industries are on a quest to transform their marketing processes and enhance customer engagement in the emerging digital ecosystem. The primary challenge created by this transition is the difficulty in implementation of ideas for the enhancement of an organization’s digital marketing strategies. Enter Omaha Media Group (OMG), a digital marketing and web development organization that offers a proprietary Monstrous. IO platform, “Labs” that revolutionizes the web application development and marketing industries by unifying web design, digital marketing, SEO, social media management, and mobile application development capabilities. The platform assists development agencies, marketing firms, freelancers, and businesses by offering its capabilities as white label services. This unique model allows smaller companies to use a full stack development team and offer services to their customers that they traditionally would not be able to offer. “Our Labs platform simplifies the web development process and offers OMG’s rapid development capabilities to marketing agencies worldwide,” says Brad Nietfeldt, managing director at Omaha Media Group.

Since its inception in 2010, OMG has transitioned from a B2B company that handled web development and graphic design projects to a B2C business that works in the website and application development space to capitalize on the rising market demand for their services. In order to effectively assist a diverse range of clients, OMG follows a client engagement methodology that comprises five phases—design, frontend coding, porting, content, and training. As the name suggests, the design phase includes a plethora of development tasks that end with the creation of a client-approved design. In the frontend coding phase, the company takes the design and builds a frontend followed by a porting phase, which involves porting the frontend build into a content management system—ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and more. In the content phase, OMG loads client-approved content into the application, and finally, the company ensures that the customer can use and administer the created application with the training phase. At the core of OMG’s success in the digital marketing and web development realms, is their ability to become an extension of the client organization’s team.
“Our services cover every aspect of web development from start to finish and all the post-launch real world and digital marketing services as well,” states Nietfeldt.

Highlighting the impact of OMG’s services and the platform is their partnership with a video production and management services vendor that had a constant need for website design and development for their own clients. This requirement was stymied due to a gap in communication created by the differences in preferred language between the company and non-English speaking freelancers and developers. With OMG’s Monstrous. IO platform, the client is able to sell design, development, and digital marketing services directly to their customers and significantly increase their revenue.

Our services cover every aspect of web development from start to finish and all the post-launch real world and digital marketing services

OMG has proven its prowess in web development, SEO, and digital marketing services by winning several accolades including ExpressionEngine’s best nonprofit website award for their work with Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and other awards for their current website.

With an aim to offer their award-winning services to more businesses, Nietfeldt plans to expand their current areas of operations in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Miami, and New York areas with the opening of two more offices in the U.S. According to Nietfeldt, the significance of an effective digital marketing and web development strategy will grow in tandem with the emergence and implementation of technologies in businesses. OMG intends to make the most of this opportunity and help present and future clients with their innovative platform and related services.

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Brad Nietfeldt, Managing Partner

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